Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ecumenism: Catholic Inclusion in the GTU

The Spring 2010 issue of U.S. Catholic Historian explores ecumenism in the 20th century. Bishop John S. Cummins, second Bishop of the Diocese of Oakland (1962-1971) contributes a wonderful article on the Catholic involvement with the Graduate Theological Union, "Bishop Floyd L. Begin's Bold and Steady Service in the Development of the Graduate Theological Union: A Personal Reflection."

This article and others in the issue not only provide an excellent supporting reference to our Oral History of the GTU Collection but also to the Robert McAfee Brown Exhibit (October 1 through January 15) that is being installed in the library this week.

Jesuit Gustave Weigel and Presbyterian Robert McAfee Brown, 1964

Brown (1920-2001) is remembered as one of the Protestants that the Catholics could turn to for ecumenical support. He wrote with Gustave Weigel (1906-64), An American dialogue : a Protestant looks at Catholicism and a Catholic looks at Protestantism (1960). These and other articles and talks in part discuss differences and common ground as well as address the issue of John F. Kennedy, a Catholic, running for president.

For more information, see the Spring 2010 U.S. Catholic Historian in the library. For more information on Brown, visit the exhibit in the library starting next week, view the finding aid or view the online exhibit.