Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Campus Ministry and Ecology 1970

Ecology 1970, Earl Newman

The GTU Archives contains a number of collections about the United Ministries of Higher Education in California. The organization combined resources of Protestant denominations (the membership varied by location) to support ministries on state campuses.

Ministers found themselves in the middle of the critical issues during the sixties and seventies. For example, an advertisement in the California State Fullerton campus newspaper, The Titan (September 27, 1968) announced: "Counseling for Problem Pregnancies, Draft Counseling, Grape Boycott Information, Theological Study Opportunities: See your UCCM Minister, Rev. Al Cohen."

Cohen, a graduate of West Point and a UCC minister, worked on campus at Fullerton and California State in Los Angeles for 30 years. During that time, his activities shifted from social protest to confronting population and environmental issues. In the Albert G. Cohen Campus Ministry, Social Justice and Environment Collection this change is clearly documented by the over 120 posters ranging from tiger cages in Vietnam to world population conferences.

Within the collection were a number of prints by Earl Newman, including four variations of Ecology 1970. This hung either in his office at CSLA or in the Ecology Action office in Santa Monica. Newman is best known for his posters representing the Monterrey Jazz Festival but he also created very moving posters for SNCC in the early sixties. See Earl Newman.

For more information, query "campus ministry" at Online Archives of California or contact Special Collections at 510/649-2523.

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