Monday, April 26, 2010

Earth Day 2010, Thomas Starr King

Emerson gave us last Monday evening the most brilliant lecture I ever listened to from any mortal. It was on the identity of the laws of the mind with the laws of nature. He proved conclusively that man is only a higher kind of corn, that he is a squirrel gone up into the first class, that he is a liberated oyster fully educated, that he is a spiritualized pumpkin, a thinking squash, a graduated sun-flower, and inspired turnip. Such imagery, such wit, such quaint things said in a tone solemn and sublime! I have the most profound respect henceforth for every melon-vine as my ancestor (melancholic thought). I look upon every turtle as of kin. Tonight he lectures again. I fear I may lose it.

Page 3 of letter from Thomas Starr King to Randolph Ryer, January 29, 1849.

Thanks to Erika Hewitt for requesting a copy.

For further information about King, see our finding aid, which links to our Digital Content Site.

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